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In 2016 new regulations and updated design standards were compiled to make automatic gates safer this was welcomed as the use of automatic gate systems has increased dramatically in recent years. That, unfortunately, has increased the number of injuries through crushing, entrapment, etc., and in some cases led to litigation. However, that is avoidable through correct automatic gate installation and the following safety advice. This article will represent what to consider when having automatic electric gates installed and when auto gate installation services can be of benefit.


Any automatic electric gates installed after 2016 may already have recommended features. If they are older or without desired safety features, auto gates installation services can recommend whether the modification or that a new installation is needed.

Changes to improve the safety of automatic electric gate systems included:

  • The use of electronic sensors to stop the gate whenever it touches a rigid object, ideally the automatic gate should also reverse its direction away from the collision.
  • All points where persons could be trapped are guarded or removed. Guards should also cover exposed rollers.
  • Controls are positioned far away to stop persons reaching through to try to operate the automatic electric gate but where the gate can still be seen.
  • Warning signs of danger put on both sides of the automatic gate. Posters should include how to disconnect the electric supply if an incident occurs.

More massive automatic electric gates are often seen by children as exciting areas to explore, many injuries and even deaths have been recorded after persons climbed on a moving gate or tried to run past and beat it to closing. These incidents were not limited to children but in other cases were often due to unsafe use such as reaching through the gate to the controls. Prominent signs should be displayed to warn individuals of the dangers and to keep clear as well as educating children about potential hazards, particularly those who cannot yet read.

A suitably qualified person from auto gates installation services should correctly install automatic electric gates rather than attempted by novices, they are heavy and move with force as well as there are electrical installations needed, too. Safety regulations for installation must be followed particularly for gates that vehicles travel through. Professionals from auto gates installation services can ensure that all necessary local and national rules are compiled.


There is a need to keep safety in mind when installing automatic gates whether this is a first-time installation or an update of old automatic gates this is assured by enlisting appropriately trained auto gates installation services.

Automatic gates can be made from wood, vinyl and different metals, auto gates installations services consider the setting and requirements of the automatic gate and advise the right material for the situation. Wooden automatic gates need more ongoing maintenance and can warp which may affect electric openers but look appealing and often offered at a lower cost. Vinyl is long-lasting but not as pleasing to the eye. Metal automatic gates are more expensive but also more durable, and some are very attractive such as wrought iron.

Many auto gate installation providers offer consultations at the property so can suggest which automatic electric gate type (sliding, swing, dual swing, or lifting) would best suit.

Sliding automatic gates

Sliding automatic gates are great for small spaces or sloped plots, as they slide to the side on a track and don’t need to be level with the ground. A range of styles is usually available offering many choices, but actual offers will vary between auto gates installation services.

Swing automatic gates

That is the most usual type of automatic gate seen because they are affordable, look attractive, and secure the property. A larger area in front of the automatic gates required for swing opening type gates, area requirements can be shortened by using more expensive dual-type swing opening automatic gates.

Lift automatic gates

These automatic gates have a lift and rise mechanism which works well in small spaces or where space to the side of the gate is limited. These automatic gates are often used in parking garages.

Auto gates installation services can also advise whether an alteration to an existing non-automatic gate is an option. In either case, the resulting electric gate system will conform to all local and national regulations, and safety standards, also a warranty should be given. Once the material and type of automatic gate are selected, the auto gate installation services provider can advise on accessories to increase security. Suggestions may include:

  • Security cameras are both excellent at preventing crimes but also produce recordings that can be used by authorities to solve the crime and prosecute criminals.
  • Alarm systems for times when the automatic gate itself does not deter intruders. These can issue either a siren to scare off potential burglars or relay a silent warning to notify authorities.
  • Electronic locks such as a keypad with a security code or a card swipe system prevent unauthorized access.
  • Smartphone control allows for remote access or visualizing the automatic gate via the camera. That verifies visitors or action for potential security threats. 

Most auto gates installation services will also offer ongoing maintenance or repairs either as an agreed terms contract on a one-off basis (although this may be more expensive in the long run).

Auto gates installation services will offer advice on regular maintenance and safety checks to be carried out, these will vary depending on the automatic gate-type but should include regular checking of all components for wear and tear guards mainly, checking the operation of safety mechanisms that prevent entrapment or pinching and proper lubrication of moving parts. That is not an exhaustive list and owner handbooks should be followed for routine checks. If any fault found, or damage identified, disconnect the automatic gate and sought advice from the auto gates installation services previously used or find another qualified provider.


Research providers before approaching them, this can be done via websites of auto gates installation services, by contacting previous customers, etc. Check their credentials making sure that they hold the correct certification and have appropriate skills.

Ensure the address is legitimate, especially if the auto gates installation services provider found through a flyer or poster.  Phone the automatic gates installation services provider, is the name of the automatic gates installation services company mentioned when answering? Is the responder professional?

Check out examples of their previous auto gates installation work and ongoing service. An experienced auto gates installation services professional should have some good reviews with a few concerns raised, with newer companies view their recent work and ask the customer's opinion.

It is advisable to meet with more than one automatic gate installation service provider rather than opt for the first one even if they appear professional and polished. They should want to view the site and discuss any unique circumstances or requirements. Questions to ask them are:

  • Which type of automatic gate would you recommend and why? Which material?
  • What auto gates installation procedures will occur and timescale
  • How often do auto gate installation costs go over budget? Do they usually complete on schedule? [Ask for percentages for easy comparisons]
  • Will any materials be recycled or reused when the previous electric automatic gate replaced?
  • What warranties or guarantees will be given?

Some comments should alert you to potential issues such as trying to persuade you to make an instant decision or ask you to pay only cash. Professional auto gate installation services should always be willing to give a written estimate.

Finally, discuss timelines for the completion of work and who to contact. Payment terms should also be established some companies require upfront payment for example.

Newer, safer options for automatic electric gate systems are highly effective at reducing injury and avoiding litigation when procedures are followed correctly. Auto gates installation services professional will give excellent advice on the correct options for individual circumstances ensuring the right type of automatic gate is fitted, and all installation and safety regulations are met.


Automatic Gate Repair

Electric automatic gates are a common sight on commercial properties, large mansions, or ranches but are also common on smaller domestic properties. Their popularity is because of the benefits they offer, primarily that the property is secured from unauthorized entry. Automatic auto gates look good, give elegance and presence to the property as well as add convenience. For these reasons they increase the value of the property and may even gain a discount on home insurance. This article will discuss important points about maintaining automatic gates and the use of auto gates repair and maintenance services.


Electric automatic gates are a common sight on commercial properties, large mansions, or ranches but are also common on smaller domestic properties. Their popularity is because of the benefits they offer, primarily that the property is secured from unauthorized entry. Automatic auto gates look good, give elegance and presence to the property as well as add convenience. For these reasons they increase the value of the property and may even gain a discount on home insurance.

This article will discuss important points about maintaining automatic gates and the use of auto gates repair and maintenance services.


Wood and metal are usually used in the construction of gates, and automatic gates are no exception, each material gives its advantages and disadvantages, but there are some specific things auto gates repair and maintenance services providers consider when installing automatic gates.

Automatic gates made from wood are attractive and can give complete privacy, they are inexpensive and easy to install so, however, consider the height and width, weight of the gate as larger ones require bracing. Wooden automatic gates can warp, if this happens near the hinges that cause problems with the electric opener, also wooden gates need ongoing maintenance to keep that material looking its best.

The material maintenance is less with an automatic metal gate they also are more durable and longer-lasting. More and more designs are available in metal that is more appealing to the eye, but the cost is generally higher than wood, but aluminum (rather than wrought iron or steel) offers a more cost-effective option. Sought advice from experts on auto gate repair and maintenance services who will discuss specific needs.


Depending on the system, installing an automatic gate can be a relatively straightforward process, but installing auto gate systems with additional accessories or security devices involves extensive electric work.

The steps to follow when installing an automatic gate are:

  • Measure the opening to ensure that the correct automatic gates are purchased.
  • Fit the hinges on either side as with a standard gate, adjust gates, so they are level, and fit the latch. Check the gate is working correctly.
  • Add the automatic opener following manufacturer instructions (make sure the correct automatic system is purchased for the type and size of the gate, seek help from auto gates repair and maintenance services if unsure).
  • Check that the automatic gate is working correctly. If problems encountered, consider calling auto gates repair and maintenance services.

As the gate is a massive moving object injury can occur through unsafe use always make sure that no one is near the automatic gate as it is opening or closing and keep fingers away from hinges or pinch points. Be especially careful with children they should not ride on a moving gate or operate the controls. Most automatic openers will have a sensor to reverse the movement if the gate touches something also an image beam may be added which stops the gate when the beam is crossed.

When positioning controls for automatic gates ensure that the operator can see the gates, but they should be at least 10ft away from moving parts and never in a position that might tempt someone to operate by putting a hand through the gate.

Advice on the safe use of automatic electric gates can be found on many websites or can contact the provider of auto gates repair and maintenance services directly to discuss concerns.


In principle an automatic gate that has built and installed correctly should need little attention but complete the following regularly to ensure correct gate operation:

  • Monthly wipe down the electric opener system tube before spraying with a silicone-based lubricant, test to make sure it is freely moving.
  • Lubricate hinges to prevent rust at least once a year, this will allow automatic gates to open and close smoothly.
  • For metal, auto gates treat rust immediately, sand down to remove old paint, clean then repaint with one coat of exterior-grade primer followed by two coats of exterior-grade paint.
  • Replace rechargeable batteries every two years.
  • Contact auto gates repair and maintenance services as soon as issues arise to prevent total failure.


Faults with electric gates may lead to unwelcome expenses mainly if auto gates repair and maintenance services are needed without a contract already being held with them. However, some repairs are relatively simple, and details are given below of what might have gone wrong.

Is the transmitter working?

  • Check batteries in remotes, replace if needed
  • Check access codes/cards/tags, are they correct in a good state of repair?
  • Test that peripheral equipment is working, remove, or replace as required. Contact auto gates repair and maintenance services should the problem not rectified.

Is the automatic electric gate receiving power?

  • Check that the mains electric supply is turned on, it’s obvious, but the automatic will not function if the power is off. The supply may have tripped.
  • Check whether accessories (e.g., keypads, photobeams, etc.) are receiving power to help isolate the problem
  • Turn off electric supply then check for faults to the wiring

Is something blocking the path of the automatic gate?

  • Look for obstructions and remove if there are any, turn off the electricity while you do this to prevent accidents
  • For automatic gates with sensors, wave something in front and listen for ‘click’ this indicates they are stuck and obstruction must be removed.  If no click heard, check the safety beam for broken parts and clean it from debris or insects. 

Final steps

  • Check that the motor is working but only attempt a repair if appropriately qualified.
  • Contact appropriate auto gates repair and maintenance services for advice.


Many companies offer auto gate repair or maintenance services some with a significant number of years experience, read reviews and ask existing customer’s opinions to help select the right provider. Think also about your system and its complexity and uniqueness, contact a few different suppliers of auto gates repair or maintenance services, and discuss requirements before deciding. Consider the qualifications and skills of the personnel at different providers of auto gate repair and maintenance services to ensure an excellent level of service.

There are some benefits to using auto gates repair and maintenance services such as fast repair or resolution of problems giving you peace of mind that problems with your automatic gates won’t cause too much inconvenience. They will service your automatic gate regularly some even offer an arrange and forget service where they make contact book services as well as fixed-price contracts including labor costs.

Discuss with potential auto gates repair and maintenance services what is included in their packages, services could include checks of all principal components for wear and tear, lubrication of moving parts, checking electrical connections, and whether safety sensors are operating correctly.

Remember that the price of call out for a faulty automatic gate may well be costlier than an annual contract with an auto gates repair or maintenance services provider.


About Gate Installation & Repair

Gates can be essential security and access features in a variety of circumstances. Whether designed to control the flow and access to cars or people, many different types of qualities of access gates are available on the market today. In almost all cases, consumers will need a driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services to install a gate. These are often not projects that can be done by consumers on their own, and often require heavy and specialized equipment and skills. Later, in the gate ownership process, or if a consumer already has a gate or multiple gates on their property, they may need maintenance or repairs. In these instances, consumers typically will call on driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate repair services to expertly fix any problems and restore gates to fully functional condition. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the different kinds of gates and where and how they are used, highlight the general gate installation process, and explain some of the issues that may require repair service.



There is a broad range of various gate types available, and a myriad of multiple applications or uses for gates. Driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services often offer many of these different kinds of gates or are affiliated with the manufacturers who make them. Let’s discuss each of these two categories individually.

Material and Design Types:


  • Metal gates (bars, posts, etc.),
  • Wood gates,
  • Composite or Mixed gates,
  • Hinged Arm gates,
  • Retractable gates,
  • Sliding gates,
  • Electronically/Remote Controlled gates.

Many of these materials and design types are best suited for one or more specific applications. While consumers can often determine or suggest what kind of material or design they might favor for a job, the experts at the driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services can best advise consumers on what types might be best for a given application. Some of the most common uses for gates are highlighted and discussed briefly below. 



Security Gates – Gated communities and apartment/condo/townhome complexes often are more secure than their un-gated counterparts. The security provided by the limited and controlled access grants homeowners peace of mind that their home and families are safe. This type of large-scale security gate almost always requires significant installation work by a skills driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation service. They may take several forms, including hinged arm/gatehouse combinations, sliding or retractable gates, remote-controlled or electronic gates that residents can activate with a remote or via a coded keypad, and more.


Access Gates – Similar to security applications, access gates can be used to help limit unwanted or unintended access to driveways, parking lots, parking garages, office complexes, and similar. Entrance, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services can provide consumers with a multitude of options for access gates, ranging from simple mechanically-locking gates all the way up to remote or electronically-controlled gates. They can take the simple form of a wooden gate with a metal latch and no lock that farmers may use to keep animals penned in, all the way up to sliding/retractable reinforced metal gates used for high-security access at sensitive facilities.


Flow Control Gates – Like the access and security categories detailed above, often gates are used for flow control of people, vehicles, or animals. It can include applications as varied as farm animal pens to the parking garage in/out gates to ensure customers pay their parking fees. Again, driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services can recommend the best options for a given application.


Pedestrian/Walkways Gates – One of the common uses of gates in the context of pedestrian or walkway areas is to allow pedestrians to use a walkway or bridge while discouraging or preventing bike, motorcycle, or vehicle traffic. It can be a matter of both safety as well as practicality – many pedestrian walkways are too small and too fragile to support vehicles, but may, at a glance, appear capable of doing so. Manual pedestrian gates (rather than open access) could help prevent unintended accidents if vehicles or motorcycles were to attempt to use a pedestrian walkway or crossing bridge. Driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services can offer many options that won’t impede functionality for pedestrians while discouraging or preventing misuse of those walkways or bridges by motorists or others. 


Remote or Rural Gates Applications – A common use for gates is to prevent unauthorized use of rural or remote roadways, access ramps, or similar. These kinds of gates are not necessarily so durable as to stop a car or truck from ramming through in an emergency but are mostly designed to provide that only authorized personnel (for example, landowners, forest rangers, or emergency workers) can use a road. That is also useful for rural landowners, in the context of access, to prevent unwanted traffic from accessing their private lands.  As always, driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services can offer an array of options and help consumers pick the best gate design and features for a situation. 



While the process of gate installation will vary widely based on the material type and application rationale for a particular gate, some basic steps in the overall process are common. Typically, driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services will walk consumers through the process unique to their project, but the overall outline will look something like the one below.


  • Site survey and gate recommendations/choice,
  • Clearing and preparation of gate installation area,
  • Excavation, cabling, and other heavy machinery work,
  • Final gate installation,
  • Testing and linking of gate mechanisms, electronics, etc.,
  • Review with consumer and site clean-up.

It is a simplified overview of the process that driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services will follow.  It may be a multi-day process or something that can be done in an hour or less, again depending on the specific scope, materials, and application of given gate installation. As always, reputable driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services should be able to provide consumers with a specific process outline if they should desire, or at the very least be able to indicate to consumers what kind of timetable or site disruptions they can expect for a given project.



Like most construction or features, gates take wear-and-tear and deteriorate over time. After a while, even the best gate installation will often require maintenance or repair. In some cases, especially where simple, mechanical gates are used, consumers may be able to repair the gates themselves. It is especially true and common with more “old-fashioned” gates used on farms and similar properties. However, more complex gates often will require driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate repair services.


Driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate repair services can perform costly maintenance on a gate, as well as fix problems that may develop. While every gate is different, some of the typical maintenance services and issues that driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate repair services can address include:


  • Electronic gate access issues,
  • Mechanical gate breakdown of motorized/retractable gate moving parts,
  • Mechanical problems with gate hinge/function,
  • Physical damage from impacts, such as bent or broken gate members,
  • Wear-and-tear movement of gates that require adjustment, re-hinging, support, or re-attachment,
  • Latching and locking damage, often from wear and tear or aggressive attempts to force a gate open or closed,
  • Pretty much any other problems that may arise, up to the point of replacement, which typically will once again require a driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services company rather than a driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate repair services company. 


In summary, there is a wide variety of different types and materials of gates available, with an equally wide range of potential residential and commercial applications. Driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate installation services are experts who can help consumers pick out the right gate for their situation, and install it professionally. Over time, these gates may develop a problem or need maintenance, and in those cases, driveway, sliding, pedestrian, and garage gate repair services can help restore a gate to like-new, fully working condition.